AUTHENTICA offers a variety of travel solutions to perfectly suit your interests, time, style, and other personal preferences. Our travel experiences are carefully designed for discerning travelers who want to immerse themselves in the diversity of Croatia’s culture, lifestyle, local hospitality, and nature.

Regardless of whether you travel alone, as a couple, a family or as a corporate group, we will take the utmost care of every detail for a unforgettable journey.


Croatia is located next to Italy, the recognized capital of world fashion. However, shopping in this country is very different from Italian. Popular European and local brands can be bought in the large shopping centers, but exclusively Croatian goods can be found on local markets. Once in Croatia, be sure to visit the fish stalls.…


Whatever your interests, we can take you to Croatia in comfort and style. Your luxury trip to Croatia can include as much or as little as you like. We’ll help you to explore this welcoming and varied country, assisted by our enthusiastic local guides. We can plan every step of your trip so you can…


We are sure you are already familiar with the mesmerizing Plitvice lakes and the tourism giant Dubrovnik, but there are some attractions in Croatia you might’ve never heard about. Croatia offers a wide selection of unusual places you can visit and unique experiences you’ll enjoy  


Enjoy a week of activity on the Dalmatian coast as we experience the thrills of whitewater rafting, sea kayaking and take the challenge of canyoning through caves and waterfalls. There is also time to discover Croatia’s historic sites or relax, making this an ideal family holiday to Croatia.


Croatia is recognised in the world as a renowned destination of health tourism with the advantage of combining the geo-traffic availability, excellent medical service at the acceptable prices and the pleasance of sojourn in the tourism oriented country. High quality of specialised health centers and practices as well as high quality of the associated tourist…


Works preserved from the oldest stylistic periods bear witness to the continuity of creativity and to the talents of local people, and place the Croatian art and architecture heritage on an equal footing with the main components of world creative output.  


Traditional Croatian culture is characterised by exceptional diversity. Ecological conditions and the influences of the cultures with which the Croats have come into contact through history (Mediterranean, Central European, Ancient Balkan, Oriental, etc.), have resulted in the development of three specific regional cultures: Pannonian, Dinaric and Adriatic.


Premium Destination Management Company AUTHENTICA is a premium Destination Management Company (DMC) and tour operator specialized in exclusive events and travel planning throughout Croatia. Whether they are well-designed incentives, corporate meetings, gala events or “out of the ordinary” travel experiences, we are known for our originality, meticulous planning, elegant settings, exquisite taste and authentic content. …